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10Mhz Video Amplifier

Based on MAX4135 video amplifier chip

Video Signal Amplifier The circuit uses five transistors and is a broad band amplifier with a bandwidth of 5 MHz.
Video Amplifier One transistor based simple video Amplifier
Video Amplifier with sync stripper and DC The circuit in Figure 1 transmits 200MHz (-3dB bandwidth) video signals while stripping off the sync pulse and performing DC restoration.
OpAmp based Video Amplifier Amplifier with 40dB gain and 10MHz bandwidth.
OpAmp based Video Amplifier 2 Based on LH0032 IC
Simple Video Amplifier Video signal amplifier circuit using BJT
Simple Video Amplifier 2 Similar circuit as previous, based on BJT
TV Signal Amplifier Single transistor based capable on working on frequency of 1.6 GHz
UHF Preamplifier Amplifies signal in the range 450-800Mhz and gain of the circuit is 10dB. Suitable for boosting week UHF video signal.
Video amplifier 1  
Video distribution amplifier Op-Amp based circuit and has three output terminal
Video distribution amplifier 2 Uses CA3100 and amplifies signal with low noise and without loss
Video signal amplifier Video amplifier with high bandwidth and based on LH0032
Video signal amplifier 2 Range is from 1-20Mhz and based on LM359N
Video amplifier Based on 404 operational amplifier
Non Inverting Video amplifier Transistor based circuit also contains other arrangements.

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