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Sin wave generator

This circuit generates a good 1KHz sine wave adopting the inverted Wien bridge configuration

Sin wave generator 2 OpAmp base with selector switch.
Spot frequency sin wave generator The circuit is based on a simple, two-transistor oscillator circuit, featuring very high frequency and amplitude stability
Twin T Sin wave generator This circuit produces a clean sine wave ideal for audio testing,
Audio test oscillator  
Wien bridge sine wave oscillator  
Wien bridge Oscillator The circuit produces extremely low distorted sin wave.
Sin/Cosine Wave Oscillator  
Voltage Controlled Sin wave frequency Generates a 50-Hz to 1-kHz sinusoidal waveform that exhibits lower than 60-dB THD
Cosine burst generator Generates number of harmonica along with the burst.
Transistor Based Astable Multivibrator  
Voltage Controlled Oscillator  
Pulse generator Pulse Amplitude is about 10 volts when supply is 12.5 volts
Square pulse generator Generates manual numbers of square pulse, applicable for testing counts.
Simple square wave generator Based on transistor and generates 1V peak-to-peak square wave at 100Hz, 1KHz and 10KHz using a single 1.5V cell as power supply.
Pink noise generator Pink noise generator suitable for audio testing. Uses operational amplifier
Square wave oscillator Base on NAND gate.
Square wave oscillator 2 Based on NOT Gate
Variable square wave generator Base on 555 timer and selectable frequency range.
Triangle and square wave generator  
Traingle wave generator Integrates square wave to generate triangle wave
Function Generator The circuit produces sine, triangle, and square waves from under 1 Hz to over 20 MHz 
Function Generator 2 Based on 8038 and can generate sin, square and triangle wave.
High Speed Function Generator The Circuit is capable of generating 20MHz or greater Sine, Square, Triangle, and TTL waveforms
Square wave generator Square wave without using timer, uses transistor to generate square wave.
Tri Waveform Generator Generates Square, triangle and sin wave in 20Hz to 20KHz
VHF/UHF local Oscillator  
Sawtooth generator 1 Generate sawtooth using op-amp, suitable for pwm
Sawtooth generator 2 Sawtooth generated from the charging and discharging in 555 timer
NBTV sawtooth generator NBTV sawtooth generator conforming to the standard of 1volt output level and complete with 31 line sync pulses.
Programmable sawtooth generator Volt programmable generator which can also produce triangle and square wave.
Tiny white noise generator 100Khz bandwidth white noise generator
PWM Signal Generator PWM Generator using wavegorm gen IC
Sin, Square and Triangle wave generator Build around single 8038 waveform generator IC
Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO used for waveform generation
Sin wave Generator Based on a classic Wien Bridge oscillator

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