Frequency Modulations


Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description
Oscillator / Transmitter  

FM Optical Transmitter (Circuit on demand)

Transmitter with center frequency 50Hz. Can be used for data transmission application.

500Mw FM Transmitter 4 transistor based FM transmitter useful for long range transmission
400m FM Transmitter 2N3904 Based Transmitter having range of 400m or more
FM Stereo Modulator  
FM based wireless MIC Transmit voice signals to any FM Radio 100 meters away.
FM Transmitter FM transmitter with microphone and based on transistor.
FM Transmitter 2 Three transistor based powerful fm transmitter.
FM Transmitter 3 The range of transmitter is around 500m.
FM Transmitter 4  
Low Range FM Transmitter The range of the transmitter is around 300m.
Low Range FM Transmitter 2 The range of the transmitter is around 100m.
Low Range FM Transmitter 3  
Low Range FM Transmitter 4 Very small transmitter can be used as a spy.
High power linear FM Transmitter 30 Watt FM transmitter.
High Power FM Transmitter 5 Watt FM Transmitter.
High power FM Transmitter 4 Watt FM transmitter.
Long Range FM Transmitter The circuit provides the range of 1Km.
Long Range FM Transmitter 1 The circuit provides the range of  2KM.
Long Range Fm transmitter 2 Transmitter with 0.4 watts of power and wide band modulation
NOT gate based FM Transmitter NOT gate are placed in parallel so as to make output impedance low.
FET Based FM Transmitter Based on high frequency field effect transistor.
FM Spy Small transmitter operates on 1.5V battery.
FM Spy 2 Has range of 10-20m and operates on 1.5V battery.
Sensitive FM Transmitter  
Tiny Fm transmitter Small transmitter with one transistor and operates on 3V supply
FM Beacon Broadcaster  
FM Broadcaster Audio signal can be directly fed to the transmitter.
VHF FM Transmitter  
Easy FM Transmitter Transistor based 0.4 Watt FM Transmitter. Frequency 87,5-108 MHz
Portable FM Transmitter Uses PLL digital tuning and has variable power (0.4 or 1Watt)
FM Booster Boosts the reception if place between receiver and antenna.
FM Radio Antenna Amplifier This amplifier will pull in all distant FM stations clearly.
Active Antenna for AM/FM/SW This simple little circuit can be used for AM, FM, and Shortwave (SW).
Active Antenna for HF-VHF-UHF Antenna designed to amplify signals from 3 to 3000 MegaHertz
FM Radio TDA7000 based FM receiver and can be connected to PC
FM Radio 2 TDA7088 based FM Receiver.
High Performance FM Receiver  
FM Receiver An FM regenerative receiver using a single FET and one audio amplifier IC.

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