Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


12 Volt lamp dimmer (Circuit on demand)

Can drive up to six 12V,  10watt lamps and operated on battery.

+5V Regulated Power Supply Based on 7805, useful for digital circuit.
+9V Regulated Power Supply Based on 7809 voltage regulator.
+12V Regulated Power Supply. Based on 7812 voltage regulator
12V Regulated Power Supply Uses Zener diode for voltage regulation.
Transformer Less Power Regulator Regulates AC voltage and the circuit can be used as light dimmer
Dual Polarity supply provides ±12V from one IC  
0-15V and 0-1A power supply Transistor based power supply
0-24V and 0-2A Power supply Transistor based power supply
Voltage regulator with low noise  
High current output from 78xx Regulator The circuit gives high current output from a simple 78xx series regulator.
High current regulated Power Supply  
L200 based Universal Power Supply Regulated supply which supplies current up till 4A
L200 Regulator Circuit 2.85-36v and 0.1-2A Regulated power supply.
LM388 Based Regulated Power Supply 1.2-30 volt and 5A regulation.
LM340 Series Three Terminal Positive Regulators  
LM385 Feedback Provides Regulator Isolation  
LM317 Adjustable voltage regulator  
LM317 Adjustable voltage regulator 2  
OpAmp based voltage regulator Regulate 12v dc output
Regulated 12v power supply with backup Suitable to be used in systems like alarm.
Three Input Supply Powers 3.3 Volt Portables Gives constant 3.3 V from a input voltage 3-6 V
Ultra-Low Dropout Regulator  
Voltage Regulator goes Digital



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