Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description

Fast Rectifier Circumvents Input Level Effects

Circuit to overcome the signal-level-dependent frequency response of common rectifier.

OpAmps based Fast Full Wave Rectifier  
OpAmp Rectifier Signals Input State  
Improved active rectification Circuit that can rectify voltage small then diode's forward voltage drop.
High speed full wave rectifier Rectifier that operates at 200Mhz.
High speed rectifier without diode Circuit uses high speed clamping amplifier for rectification.
Precision Rectifier Reduces Ripples Use of low pass filter to increase rectification and decrease ripple.
Precision full wave signal rectifier needs no diodes  
Full wave bridge rectifier Circuit diagram of full wave bridge rectifier with computer simulation
Three phase fully controlled bridge rectifier Detail explanation and firing angle values given for firing circuit design.
Fully controlled PH SCR Bridge rectifier Single phase fully controlled rectifier with resistive and inductive load.



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