Power Supply


Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


High Voltage DC Supply (circuit on demand)


Output voltage 100-150 Volt DC from 6 volt battery supply.

Isolated 5V power supply (circuit on demand) Isolated supply suitable for building two supply from a single supply.
Transformer less 5V power supply (circuit on demand) Low current and cheap power supply suitable for microcontroller and low current application like Light emitting diode.
+/- 12V Power Supply Based on 7812 and 7912 regulators.
1.3V Power Supply The circuit can replace the use of small batteries.
9-V Stabilized Power supply Regulated DC Power Supply
DC Adapter Power Supply  
Variable 3 - 24 Volt / 3 Amp Supply  
AT PC Power Supply 1 Computer power supply
AT PC Power Supply 2  
AT PC Power Supply 3  
AT PC Power Supply 4  
AT PC Power Supply 5  
0 to 30 Volt Lab Supply Power supply without using modern regulators.
Dual polarity power supply Based on LM317 and LM337 adjustable voltage regulator
High Current Power Supply Based on 2N3055 NPN power transistor
Open loop supplying 1watt power Suitable to be connected to devices like µC in their sleep mode.
Isolated 5V 1A power supply Isolated power supply from a regulated 5V dc supply
High Voltage Supply from ignition coil Based on 555 timer
Simple 9,12,15 Volt Power supply Uses different transformer tapping for different voltage range
Quasiresonant converter using  CMOS IC  
Simple ±12V  power supply A simple circuit can provide ±12V from a 5V
Simple Boost Converter Generates ­27 & ­87V  
600 Volt Power Supply Full wave voltage doubler that converts 230V to 600V
Transformer less Power Supply Regulated DC supply without transformer
Transformer less Power Supply 2  
Transformer less Power Supply 3 The circuits were used to control mains equipment hrough an optically isolated triac such as the MOC 3020.
Transformer less Power Supply 4 Low power and cheapest power supply
Transformer less Power Supply 5 Based on voltage regulator, supplies 150mA Current

Power Supplies & Transformers  
DC Power Supply using Step Down Rectifier  
10 to 30K Volt Flyback Power Supply Based on 2N3055 used in push pull oscillator configuration
13V 20A Power Supply Unit  
1 kV Power Supply  
Night-Vision Scope Power supply  
High Voltage supply for electronic fence Based on 555 timer operated in monostabel and astable mode
Mosfet stabilized High Voltage Power Supply  
High Voltage Adjustable Power Supplies  
High Voltage Generator The circuit can be used for breakdown tester
1500V DC power supply The circuit can be used to supply power to laser unit
High Voltage High Current Power Supply Based on step up transformer
High Voltage Low Current Supply Uses 2N3700 as a switch to control the oscillator
DC UPS Supplies 5V and 12V DC even in case of power failure
12 Volt 30 Amp Power Supply Using a single 7812 IC voltage regulator and multiple outboard pass transistors
UPS for USB devices  
Reference voltage for multiple ADCs  
Multiple Voltage Power Supply  
Regulator Provides ±12V from 5V Source  
Variable Dual Lab Power Supply 800mA and +/-1.2 to +/- 25 Volt Power supply
Laboratory Variable Power Supply  
Soft Start power Supply The output voltage rises slowly and reaches 15 V in 5 seconds

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