Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


Voltage Doubler ( circuit on demand )


Simple circuit based on 555 timer which can double the supply voltage to drive load of higher voltage rating.

5V To -10V Converter Simple circuit that converts 5V  to -10Volt
Voltage Inverter 555 based circuit that converts +ve voltage to -ve
+/-12V to +/-5V Voltage Converter Based on adjustable voltage regulator LM317
5V DC to 30V DC Voltage Converter
5V DC  to 30V  DC Voltage converter (2) Provides current uptill 20mA
12V DC  to 9V DC Converter
5 to 15 Volt Converter Circuit uses charge-pump voltage doubler as a tripler
6 to 12 Volt Converter Circuit can provide current up till 800mA
Voltage-to-Current Conversion Amplifier
Buck Converter for battery charging
The output adjustable flyback converter
Boost Controller Drives Buck Converter
12V to 180V DC/DC Converter Circuit using switching mode converter
±12V supply accepts 9 to 30V inputs For applications that require symmetric supply voltages from a wide i/p range
5 to 1.8V converter Based on CMOS charge-pump voltage converter IC
+/- 12V Supply from a 9V DC
3V DC to 85V DC Converter
Boost-Switching Regulator with the MCP1650
DC/DC Conversion Without Inductors Application Note
Generating - 5 Volts from 9 Volt Battery Base on 555 timer to generate -ve voltage relative to -ve battery terminal
High Current Dual DC/DC Converter  from 3.3V  Based on LTC1702
Flyback Transformer Based High Voltage Generators Car ignition coil or flyback transformer as a high voltage generator
National's LM2623 Boost Converter
One 9 Volt Battery gives +18 +25 +33V Based on MAX1044(Charge pump converter)
PowerLabs Flyback Driver Generates high voltage for power lab experiment
SEPIC generates 5V at 100 mA
Ultra-Low Power Efficient  DC/DC Converter
Switch mode Power Supply 555 timer based switch mode power supply
12 V 1.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter
Transformer less dc/dc converter
High Voltage Swing from lower supplies
9V DC to 2000V DC Converter
Voltage to current and current to current converter The circuit acts as a variable-gain current mirror with high precision and bandwidth.
Voltage to current converter Drives White LEDs Supplies enough voltage to drive white LED from a single battery.
Wide-Range Current-to-Frequency Converters

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