Circuit phone ringer  Description

Chip recorder customized phone ringer


By placing a circuit in series with the telephone, you can customize a phone ringer without modifying the phone

Audio/Visual ringer Circuit indicates telephone ring and require no extra power source.
Cellular phone call detector Lights up a led when a cellular phone rings, simple 555 based circuit.
Telephone ringer  
Telephone ring tone generator Produces simulated telephone ring tone and based on CD4060
Telephone on use indicator and ringer Contains circuit for both telephone on use indicator and telephone ringer.
Melodious Telephone Ringer Telephone ringer based on melody IC UM66
Telephone ringer using timer IC  
Telephone ring generator using switching supply The circuit generates high voltage required for sing from a switching power supply.
Ringing Phone Flasher Flashes high wattage bulb when telephone ring.
Telephone ringer using dual 556 dual timer Using modulated rectangular waves of different time periods, The circuit  produces ringing tones similar to those produced by a telephone.

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