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9 Line Telephone sharer

Able to handle nine telephone set at different location using a single telephone line.

Hold Tone for Telephone Based on UM66
Telephone hold with music  
Door Phone Intercom  
Full duplex door phone  
DTMF Tone Decoder Displays telephone numbers decoded from tones
Simple PBX  
Message waiting flasher This circuit starts flashing  when the phone rings and continues flashing it until the phone is picked up to remind you to check your voice- mail.
Telephone in use indicator It will allow users to know if the phone is being used.
Off line telephone tester Test telephone equipment without connection to a telephone line
Single number auto dialer Always dials a single number when handset is lifted
Cellular phone base audio mute switch Mute your audio devices when a phone call is received.
Cut phone line detector Detects the discontinuity in telephone line.
Phone line tester  
Secrecy for Parallel Telephone  
Telephone Line Vigilant Protects the misuse of telephone.
Four line internal intercom This  Link provides four internal intercom phones with no outside line access.
The Link telephone Intercom  
The Link telephone Intercom 2 DTMF version
Two phone line link This is the circuit that sparked off all the other Link Telephone Intercom designs.
Telephone dial alarm Microcontroller based.
Telephone line base audio muting The circuit would automatically light a bulb on arrival of a phone ring and simultaneously mute the music system/TV audio.
Telephone based Remote Control It enables switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ of appliances through telephone lines.

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