LED DC Driver with Inductor

Parent Category: LED

LED DC Driver Circuit Diagram

Circuit                                                  Description
 10 Watt LED driver


This circuit is a 10-watt LED driver using LT3492 to operate as a constant-current source and is ideal for driving LEDs. The LT3492 works in buck, boost or buck-boost mode. The LT3492 uses a fixed frequency, current mode architecture resulting in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages. A frequency adjust pin allows the user to program switching frequency between 330 kHz and 2.1 MHz to optimize efficiency and external component size.

 1A μModule LED driver


This circuit is a LED driver using IC LTM8040. LTM8040 is a fixed frequency 1A step-down DC/DC μModule regulator designed to operate as a constant current source. Internal circuitry monitors the output current to provide accurate current regulation, which is ideal for driving high current LEDs. High output current accuracy is maintained over a wide current range, from 35mA to 1A, allowing a wide dimming range over an output voltage range of 2.5V to 13V. 



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