Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


Zero Crossing Detector new

Based on dual Op-Amp and can detect positive and negative zero cross

RADAR Sensor new X band RADAR detector, detects change in rf radiation.
Temperature sensor/indicator  (circuit on demand) Thermistor based and suitable for automotive application.
Touch Sensor  (circuit on demand) Based on 555 timer with transistorized relay driving circuit
Hall-Effect Proximity Sensor  (circuit on demand) Based on hall effect sensor, can also be used as metal detector for security systems.
AC-Magnetic Field  (circuit on demand) Detects any kind of magnetic interference caused by AC magnetic field. Uses inductor for detection of magnetic field.
Toxic Gas Sensor  (circuit on demand) Circuit for detecting toxic gas like propane or gasoline.
Ultrasonic proximity sensor  (circuit on demand) Ultrasonic based proximity sensor, suitable for robotics
Proximity Sensor (circuit on demand) Proximity sensor based on infrared ray with amplifier stage for photodiode for better sensitivity.
Hygrometer (Circuit on demand) Suitable for measuring humidity
Air flow detector 1 Circuit uses an incandescent lamp to detect airflow
Air flow detector 2  
Dew Sensor Simple resistor type due sensor element as sensor.
Digital Compass Based on hall effect sensor.
Digital Compass 2 Compass based on AVR series microcontroller AT90s2313
Home brew compass Based on the dinsmore 1655 analog compass part.
Mains operated capacitive sensor  
Ultrasonic range finder Circuit consist ultrasonic Tran receiver for measuring range
Flame Sensor  
Pellistors Pellistors employ catalytic combustion to measure combustible gases or vapors
Pressure Gauge Responds Linearly to Altitude  
Vibration Sensor  
Infrared Body heat Detector Uses piezoelectric detector to detect IR emission
Light Sensor Detects light or no light condition, 741 used as comparator.
Dew sensor  
Hot water level indicator Indicates the temperature range inside a tank.
Remote humidity sensor  
Liquid level detector and filler Suitable for toilet flush
Fluid Level Detector  
Water level detector and controller  
DTMF Proximity Detector DTMF based IR transmitter and receiver is used as proximity detector
Magnetic proximity sensors Circuit consist of reed switch at its heart.
Proximity sensor with alarm  
Living creature proximity detector Proximity sensor working on eddy current detection
Rain Detector  
Rain Detector 2  
Color sensor Color sensor using optical filter and LDR. Can sense three color.
Light activated relay Simple transistor based circuit. Which triggers relay when no light is received by the sensor.
Programmable Light activated relay The triggering intensity can be adjusted.
Light activated relay Simple transistor based circuit.
Light activated relay  
Light sensor with hysteresis Comparator with positive feedback for obtaining hysteresis
Dark-activated 230V Lamp  
Dark activated switch  
IR Detector  
Darkness monitor  
Lightning Detector VLF receiver tuned to 300 kHz  to detect the crackle of approaching lightning.
Lightning Detector 2  
Wireless weather station  
Magnetic Proximity Switch  
Energy Leakage Detector Circuit very slight temperature changes in respect to the ambient temperature.
Electric Field & Leakage Detector Detects very small currents like caused by leakage and changing electric fields.
Electromagnetic field detector Small easy to construct build around low noise OpAmp.
Geomagnetic field detector Used to detect the earth's magnetic field.
Magnetic Gun Based on 555 timer and 4017 counter and used for propelling magnetic slug.
Magnetic-Radiation Remote-Control Remote control controlled by magnetic field.
Magnetic proximity sensors Based on 555 timer
Commercial Metal detector  
Home made Metal Detector Simple circuit uses very few components.
Metal Detector 1  
Metal Detector 2  
Metal Detector 3 Based on CS209A
Metal detector 4  
BFO Metal Detector  
Pressure Sensor-Based Altimeter Circuit The circuit uses an absolute pressure sensor to measure barometric pressure.
Temperature Sensor  for Embedded Applications  
Heat Sensor Thermistor based temperature sensor unit.
Microcontroller based TempRat Controls device to stay in a specific temperature range, the circuit also contains digital display.
Sesmic Detector Simple using piezoelectric element as sensor
Temperature sensor Circuit consist of a voltage comparator whose output controls the relay.
Microcontroller based temperature sensor The circuit senses temperature and sends to PC.
Temperature sensor with digital output Uses LM35DT as temperature sensor.
Vibration sensor  
Water Sensor  
Adjustable water level sensor with alarm Circuit uses probes as sensor.
Touch operated Lamp Three way touch lamp.
RADAR Sensor Uses OpAmp as current to voltage converter to detect RADAR
Ultrasonic RADAR Simple and applicable circuit for motion detection using RADAR
Ultrasonic Detector Based on Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
Low voltage battery disconnected circuit  
Voltage overrange detector. OpAmp based circuit for detecting voltage over and under range within a window.

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