Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


Electronic Analog Thermometer new

Based on 2N2903

Anemometer new Air flow meter based on thermal sensor. Low cost anemometer.
Digital Capacitance meter (Circuit on demand) Capacitance meter measuring capacitance form micro to pico Farad range.
LED Voltmeter (Circuit on demand) Battery voltage monitor based on comparator and LED
OpAmp Tester (Circuit on demand) The circuit can test single, dual or quad OpAmp
Anemometer Home made DC permanent magnet motor as the basis for anemometer
Anemometer 2  
Breath alcohol tester  
Digital Radar Speedometer Allows to measure the speed of moving vehicle using RADAR. Speed is displayed in KPH.
Digital engine race meter Measures the speed of engine using a microcontroller
Digital capacitance meter Digital meter using a microcontroller.
Capacitance Meter Use of Ferro magnetic material to measure capacitance.
Capacitance meter Use of analog meter to see capacitance value.
Plant moisture sensor Checks the amount of water in plant.
Plant watering watcher Checks the amount of water in a pot plant.
Plant watering watcher 2  
Plant watering watcher 3  
Simple  Battery Monitor Uses zener diode and a variable resistor to adjust trip point.
12B Battery Condition Indicator Indicates battery voltage in 10 different level.

Battery power indicator for pinball machine

Battery power monitor  
LM3914 Battery Monitor This circuit should be powered by its own battery, otherwise you might get an inaccurate reading
NiCad Battery Discharger/Capacity Indicator   
12 Volt Battery Capacity Tester Circuit tests the ampere hour rating of battery.
Car battery power monitor. Indicates battery power in different level.
Self-Powered Fast Battery-Tester Tests battery from 1.5 to 15 volt range
Resistance meter  
Salt-Taster Detects the amount of salt contained in a liquid food.
Digital Step Km Counter Max This circuit measures the distance covered during a walk.
Digital distance meter Use of microcontroller and LCD display
Digital Remote Thermometer Consist separate receiver and transmitter unit for remote sensing.
DS1620 Based USB Digital Thermometer  
Digital Thermometer In the circuit IC S8100 or the diode 1S1588 can be used as sensor.
Machine Vibration Activates Hour Meter  
PC Based  Thermometer 1 Using the circuit one can see the temperature display on PC monitor.
PC Based  Thermometer 2  
PC Based  Thermometer 3  
Thermostat Thermistor used as sensor.
Wireless Tachometer Measure speed of engine without any physical connection.
Seismometer Microprocessor Based.
Light intensity monitor Measures intensity of light, Includes PCB layout.
Light pollution meter  
Ultrasonic Dog Wistle Can be used to train dog with frequency 15-25 KHz
Ultrasonic transreceiver  
Ultrasonic Motion Detector  
Ultrasonic range finder Uses single transmitter and receiver.

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