Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


Proximity Alarm (circuit on demand)


Metal plate as sensor and inverter as oscillator to produce alarm signal.

Intruder Alarm (circuit on demand) The alarm uses a pyrosensor to detect the presence of animals or human beings by changes in heat radiation.
Burglar alarm-1 Alarm triggered by four different sources
Burglar Alarm-2  
Burglar Alarm-3 Normally open and Normally closed timed
Burglar Alarm with timer Alarm automatically switches off after pre defined time
5 Zone Alarm  
5 Zone Alarm Circuit  
2-Zone Alarm  
555 timer based alarm  
Motion Detector/Alarm Circuit working on IR Tran receiver principle
Motion Detector/Alarm-2  
Ultrasonic Motion Detector Multipurpose circuit includes PCB layout
Touched Triggered Alarm  
Anit Theft Motorcycle Alarm  
Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios  
Automatic Light With Alarm  
Car Alarm and Immobilizer  
Car anti theft wireless alarm. FM based wireless alarm
Car indicator alarm  
Light triggered Alarm Triggers an alarm when detects variation in light intensity
Fire Alarm Operates when senses smoke between bulb and LDR
Fridge Door Alarm  
Frost alarm  
Frost Alarm  
Fuse monitor/Alarm  
Gate Alarm Circuit  
Hijack Alarm Alarm triggered If a door is opened while the ignition is switched.
Intruder Radio Alert System  
Light-sensitive Alarm  
Mini Alarms Very handy and consumes very less amount of current
Motorcycle Alarm 1  
Motorcycle Alarm 2  
Motorcycle Alarm 3  
Motorcycle Alarms 5 & 6  
Presence Detector With alarm  
Personal Alarm 1  
Personal Alarm 2  
Proximity Alarm 1 Alarm with NOT gate latch
Proximity Alarm 2  
Proximity Alarm 3 Detection based on eddy current in living creature
Infrared Motion Sensor Sensor based on Piezoelectric  material
Rain Alarm  
Refrigerator Door Alarm  
Security Alarm  
Speed Limit Alarm  
Theft preventer alarm Alarm trigged when thin wire connected to the system is broken
Touch Activated Alarm  

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