A/D,D/A Converters


Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description

2 Channel ADC Tags Its Own Output

16-Bit 100ksps ADC Runs on 5V Supply  
AD Converter Contains information about AD converter and its connection to PIC
555 Timer as AD Converter The output pulse width of 555 depend upon the width of input voltage
AD Conversion and interface with PC  
24 Bit AD converter with bipolar input  
Comparator Based slope ADC  
8-Bit ADC  Provide Pseudo High Resolution  
Low Cost A/D Conversion using COP800  
Successive approximation ADC .
Serial port AD converter 8 Bit AD converter connected to pc serial port
Simple Analogue to Digital Converter: Based on AD0808
Circuit Provides Precision ADC Interface  
Zero Power ADC uses Printer Port  
12-Bit Analog I/O Port uses AD7549 Dual 12-Bit DAC and 8051 Microcomputer  
2 DAC Circuit Adds & Subtracts  
Combine Two 8 Bit Outputs to Make One 16 Bit Dac  
D/A Converter ASIC uses Stochastic Logic  
12-Bit DAC Circuits using the AD7568  
Use a DAC to Vary LVDT Excitation  
Simple AD converter Based on 0808 IC with eight input channel and ready to connect to microcontroller or PC
AD Converter for PC Four channel AD converter connects to parallel port of the pc and runs on 9V battery.

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