Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description

TRIAC operated light controller

Mains power disco light.

Light operated switch  
Line Following Robot Tiny Robot based on ATmega8  microcontroller
R/C Digital Camera Controller  
Remote controlled lighting  
Wireless Robot Controller  
Electronic thermostat  
Heating system thermostat Circuit can control heating system or central heating plant.
CO2 Controller for Planted Tanks  
Relay Controller for digital input Describes different way for switching relay.
DC Motor Driver with L6203  
Simple water level controller Uses probe as sensor and 555 timer as controller.
Three axis stepper controller This controller is designed to control 3 unipolar motors at up to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Robot Controller Controller for Robot with two stepper motor and a IR sensor.
Basic stamp based controller  
Electronic equipment control using PC Control electrical equipment using PC parallel port
Power line application controller  
Digital AC Power Controller Power control by means fo phase angle variation. Firing pulse generated from a counter IC.
Radio switch Used to control devices using a radio frequency.
Telephone based Remote control Switches electrical appliances using telephone line.
Telephone base Remote Control Base on PIC16F84A  microcontroller
Remote control using VHF module  
Remote control Light Dimmer It allows you to use an off the shelf remote to control the brightness of the lights
Slew rate controller  
Remote controlled fan regulator Using the circuit you can change the fan speed from remote location
Solid state power controller Based on 555 timer and is used as Schmitt trigger.
Voltage based controller for switches OpAmp based circuits. With different comparator set as different voltage level.
Water level controller Transistor based simple liquid level controller
DC Motor Reversing Circuit Relays control forward, stop and reverse action, and the motor cannot be switched from forward to reverse unless the stop switch is pressed first.


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