Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description

Touch Switch new


Based on SCR for driving relay, can be used for driving high power loads.

Light Seeking Robot new Detects and follows light source. Suitable for small robotics projects.
Electronic Combination Lock (circuit on demand) Programmable combination lock, can be used for security door lock system.
Water Level Controller  (circuit on demand) Probably the simplest water level controller (uses only two NPN transistor).
Close loop controlled Laser Projector Home made laser projector, capable of showing graphical display.
AC motor speed control Controls speed of AC motors like that of drill machine
DC Motor Control Circuit Can control the direction and stop the motor with one switch.
DC Motor Speed Regulator Keeps motor speed constant regardless of shaft load and supply voltage.
Washing Machine Motor Controller Controls single phase motor of washing machine
PWM DC motor speed control Uses NAND gate Schmitt  trigger IC for generating PWM
PWM motor/light control OpAmp based PWM generator
PC Based DC Motor speed control Source code included.
Closed loop motor speed control  
Opto- Isolated Stepper motor control  
Computer based servo motor controller The circuit is capable of controlling 8 servos.
H-Bridge for DC motor Controls the direction of motor with two switches.
Control system for modern Toys. Controls the motion and direction of a toy using a joystick.
H Bridge motor control circuit Transistor based h bridge, suitable for low current application.
H Bridge switch for small motors  
H Bridge Circuit drives small motor up to 100watt, 5 A or 40 Volt.
H Bridge 2  
Simple Light Dimmer Triac based light dimmer.
Discrete component motor direction controller  Controller for small DC motors like that of a tape recorder.
Curtain open/close Controller Circuit based on 555 and few other components can automatically close or open a pair of curtains.
Closed loop temperature controller  
SMS remote control Controller based on data received on SMS
Infra/radio Remote Control Based on PIC microcontroller
Infrared Gate  
CD ROM drive controller Controls a CD ROM drive using an audio cd
IR Remote Control Circuit turns on/off devices that operates on 115V AC
IR Remote control extender Can control devices from one room to other.
Universal IR Switch IS switch that can be operated by any IR Remote control.
PC Based IR Remote control Controller connected to parallel port.
Serial infrared remote controller Serial port based controller capable of controlling and device that support IR

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