Microcontroller Programmers


         Recomended books for reading

SP89 Programmer for AT89 series microcontroller


Simple AVR Programmer

Batronix Flash Microcontroller Programmer

At89c2051 Flash Programmer

AVR Microcontroller Programmer

ATMEL 89c2051 In Circuit Programmer

ATMEL 89xxx Programmer

Easy Downloader V1.1 with SDCC

Easy Downloader V1.1

SPI Flash Microcontroller Programmer v3.7

ATMEL 89 series device programmer

Easy Downloader for AT89c51 and 89c52

ATMEL 89xx series Programmer V3.1

Easy Downloader Ver. 2

ATMEL ISP Programmer

ISP Programmer for AT89s51 and AT89s52

ISP Flash Microcontroller Programmer V3.0a

SPI Flash Microcontroller Programmer V3.7

ATMEL 89XX Flash Downloader V2.0

EPROM Adaptor for 89 series  flash microcontroller

PHOENIX Programmer

PonyProg Programmer for EPROM, AVR and PIC Microcontroller

PonyProg for AVR

PonyProg for AVR and PIC

AVRISP/STK500-protocol and JTAGICE compatible Programmer/JTAG debugger

AVR ISP Compatibel in system programmer

PIC Programmer for PIC16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx series


Microcontroller Based Projects


At89c51 / At89c52 Test Kit ( Include PCB Layout )















AT89c2051 Test Kit

AT89c2051 Based Light saver

Miniature Real Time Controller

Basic 2051's Circuit

At89c2051 basic project (circuit for i/o interface)

AVR Microcontroller based Vertical Color bar generator

AVR Based serial port IR Interface

Watch Dog For Microcontroller

LED Connection to PIC Microcontroller

Microcontroller based DC Power Supply

Microcontroller based Stepper motor interface

Microcontroller Based Moving Message

ATtiny Microcontroller Base Moving message display

Microcontroller based Hard Drive LED Bar Graph

A Microcontroller-Based Control Circuit for Conventional AC Telescope Drives

A microcontroller-based insect monitoring system

A microcontroller based thermostat

Microcontroller based telescopic driver

Microcontroller based power control

Microcontroller based multi channel light dimmer

PIC Microcontroller Based Diode tester

PIC16F84A discolight effect with bass beat control

PIC16F84A Microcontroller development board

AVR microcontroller Based Solar Panel Charge Monitor

Microcontroller based automobile turn signal

AVR Butterfly based MP3 player

AVR Thermometer

8051 microcontroller based solar energy meter

Implement USB into microcontroller using Atmel AVR Mircrocontroller

AVR-USB frimware implementation of USB1.1 (microcontroller used ATtiny2313)

AVR microcontroller based data logging system

Atmel AVR interface to GLCD(Graphic LCD)

Microcontroller based big letter LCD clock

AT90s2313 Interface to LCD

AT90s2313 Interface to LCD

Fun project egg plotter

AVR Based line follower robot

Microcontroller based home automation system

Temperature sensor using AVR microcontroller and DS18x20

Microcontroller interface to USB (Universal serial bus) using ATtiny2313 microcontroller

Programmable IR remote control

TD-USB-02 interface with touchpad sensor board and WinAmp interface

TD-USB-01 interface with mouse sensor board





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