6 V Batery Charger


Battery charger is most important in all the systems implementing battery as backup power supply. A properly designed battery charger insures optimum charging of battery as well as protect the battery from over charging.

The charger circuit described here is based on operational amplifier. The circuit implements operational amplifier as Schmitt trigger and hence is capable for defining the upper and lower limit for charging the battery.

Diode D2 and D1 are being used as voltage regulator and the biasing of the comparator is carried out with resistor R2, R3 and positive feedback is achieved using R10.

With of hysteresis band for upper and lower cutoff can be achieved by varying biasing and feedback resistors.

Transistor Q1 and Q2 act as switch and are triggered by output of the operational amplifier. These transistor ultimately switch on/off relay and the relay contact can be used to connect charging source which is usually transformer to the battery.



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