Circuit Category


Contains huge collection of free circuit for students or Professionals and the circuit links are well categorized to different sub groups.


Power    - Converter,  InverterRectifier,   Regulator,  Power Supply,  and Battery Charger

Control  -   Controller1, Controller2

Instrumentation -   Alarm, Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog ConverterSensors and Instrument

Radio Circuits   -   FM Transmitter Receiver and AM Transmitter Receiver

Video Circuits   -   Video Amplifier, Video Transmitter, video converter and video miscellaneous

Signal  -  Function generator and  Active and passive filter

Audio Circuit Diagram  -  High power audio amplifier,  Audio tone control and mixer,  Door bell circuit diagram,  DTMF tone generator Siren tone generator, Two way intercom Audio level indicator and  Audio preamplifier

Telephone circuit  - Telephone ringer, Telephone audio, Telephone  indicator and display and Telephone miscellaneous.



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