Tone Control and Mixers


 Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description
Tone Control .

Graphic Equalizer-1

Simple equalizer with high performance

Graphic Equalizer-2 .
Subwoofer Equalizer Suitable to be used as low pass filter for subwoofer.
Simple Equalizer 3 Band equalizer easy to construct.
Seven Band Equalizer Equalizer suitable for high wattage amplifier.
Audio Tone Control Suitable to be installed between pre amp and amp.
Audio Tone Control-2  
Audio Tone Control-3  
Bass Synthesizer Amplifies Bass of the audio signal .
Digitally controlled graphic equalizer Equalizer based on LMC835.
Surround effect Surround effect using a delay circuit.
Digital Volume Control-1 Based on DS1669.
Digital Volume Control-2  
Digital Volume Control-3 Volume control with dual channel.
Stereo Width Controllers  
Guitar Equalizer Equalizer with distortion unit.
Guitar tone control Three band tone control and three input selector.
4-2 channel mixer Mixer that supports 2 channel mono or a single stereo output.
6 channel Mixer  
2 Channel Mixer -1 Can be used as stereo to mono converter
2 Channel Mixer -2  
VCAs and Balanced Modulator  
High Quality Sound Mixer  
Simple Line Mixer Passive mixer ( using resistors ) requiring no power supply

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