Pre Amplifiers


 Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description

3- Stage Amplifier

Transistor based amplifier with low loading effect

Head Pre Amp Pre amp for magnetic head
Single Transistor Preamp A simple all-purpose pre amp with a single NPN Transistor
Microphone Pre amp Pre amp with very low noise
Band 2 preamplifier This is a VHF amplifier for the Band 2 Radio Spectrum     tuning approximately 88 - 108 MHz.
Car Stereo Pre amp Audio head pre amp suitable for car stereo and other audio players
Computer microphone Interface preamplifier between PC and MIC
EMC mic Pre Amplifier A microphone amplifier that may be used with either Electric Condenser Microphone (ECM) inserts or dynamic inserts.
Electric mic Amplifier Simple Mic Amplifier build around LM741 Op-Amp
FM Band Pre Amplifier High Performance RF amplifier for FM Band
HI-FI Pre Amp Exceptionally Fast High Frequency response
LM358 preamp Audio Preamp based on a single op-Amp
Low impedance Mic Pre amp The circuit is a mic amplifier for low impedance (~200 ohm) .
Low Noise Microphone Preamp Preamplifier suited for low impedance of 600 ohm
Low Voltage Pre Amp A low voltage preamplifier optimized for 3 Volt operation
Masthead Preamp An ideal pre amp to be used for VHF Spectrum
Microphone Preamp Simple pre amp using two NPN transistor
Medium Wave Active Antenna The preamplifier is designed to cover the medium waveband from about 550Khz to 1650Khz.
Phono Preamps for All  
RIAA Equalized Stereo Phono Preamp Perfect circuit for getting a signal off of your old turntable and into your mixing board.
Simple microphone preamplifier simple microphone preamplifier circuit which you can use between your microphone and stereo amplifier
Sound Blaster Microphone PreAmplifier Simple microphone preamplifier which enable using dynamic microphone with Sound Blaster card
Stereo PreAmplifier Simple circuitry suitable for moving-magnet cartridges
Stereo Tape Head To PC Circuit which help to play cassette tape through PC
SWatt RF PreAmplifier Low cost isolation amplifier suitable for industrial application

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