Audio Amplifiers


Circuit / Schematic diagram of  Description


1.5 Watt Audio Amplifier


Audio amplifier build around two NPN transistors

10 Watt Power Amplifier Class A amplifier with better result then class B
14 Watt Audio Amplifier Power output can be increased by increasing the supply voltage
100 Watt Guitar Amplifier 1 .
100 Watt Guitar Amplifier 2
120 Watt Power Amplifier  Powerful Audio Amplifier with 120 watts of power
120 Watt Power Amplifier 2
2 Channel Power Amplifier Audio amp with stereo channel and 4-7 watt output
Mini box 2 Watt Amplifier .
2 Watt Amplifier
Stereo Power Amplifier 20 watt
20 Watt Power Amplifier Class A amplifier with better performance and high audio quality
200 Watt Amplifier Stereo Amplifier using TDA2030
22 Watt Audio Amplifier Small audio amplifier suitable for car stereo
30 Watt Power Amplifier Amplifier with ultra low distortion
300 Watt Subwoofer Power Amp Transistor based power amplifier
4 Watt Amplifier
50 Watt Amplifier 1 Handy amp with dual input
50 Watt Amplifier 2
60 Watt Power Amplifier
60W Bass Amplifier Amplifier with bass control
60W Guitar Amplifier Bass, treble, harmonics and brightness control
8 Watt Amplifier
Class D Audio Power Amplifiers
Simple current feedback power amp
Headphone Amplifier 1 Suitable to connect between pc and headphone
Headphone Amplifier 2
Headphone Amplifier 3
Headphone Amplifier  4
Headphone Amplifier 5
Headphone Monitor Amp
Hi Fi Class D Audio Power Amplifier
Hi Fi PC Speaker System
Portable Guitar Amplifier Tiny guitar amplifier can be fitted into a matchbox
Quadraphonic Amplifier
Two Channel Power Amplifier


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